Beware of Investors whom are not Incorporated, do not have letter of recommendations or that promise to have cash to buy your home, but actually do not.
Beware of Investors who claim to have cash to buy your home, have you sign a purchase agreement, then tie up your property for days or even months, as they try and find money to buy your home with that they initially claim to have had.

Beware of Investors who want to buy your home, but do not have names or numbers of people that they have done business with, home owners, Escrow officers and Lenders that they have done recent transactions with. “Call Their Bluff”!

Beware of real estate agents that are desperate to have your listing, and tell you that your house is worth thousands of dollars more than it actually is, just so they can get the listing.

Beware of agents who are desperate to list your house, and claim that they already have a few buyers in mind that would love to buy your home. This is an old trick, just to get your listing. These mysterious buyers will soon disappear after you sign a listing agreement with that agent.

Beware of an Escrow that will exceed 10 days if you are behind in payments, in default or foreclosure. These additional days may be the difference in losing your home and making no money at all and further damaging your credit.

A Bit of Advice:
If you are in need of Fast Cash, call me now! If you are not, sell your home on your own. Make the necessary repairs, cosmetic work and upgrades and sell it for top dollar. Find a local Escrow company to handle your transaction, and save yourself thousands of dollars in commissions to agents who are doing the same thing that you can do for just a small portion of your time.