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Fast, Amazing and Honest describes KC with KC Buys Houses. The purchasing process was fast and hassle-free and by fast I mean within days. KC is very open to questions and responds to text messages promptly. I recommend KC's services to anybody. Thanks KC

Tom Finnegan  

I had a second home that had become an albatross around my neck, with monthly utilities, taxes, and insurance. I contacted K.C. Martinez, and we discussed how I could sell it in a short period of time. The house needed a lot of repairs, and although I didn't get the price I had in mind, I was offered a fair price, considering the work that needed to be done on the property. Once we agreed to the price, the transaction was handled in a quick and professional manner, and I received my money in a very short period of time. I would recommend KC Buys Houses to anyone looking for a fair deal at a fair price.

Esmeralda Corrales   

 KC was very sincere from the beginning which was one of the main reasons we decided to go with his team. Everything they said they do they did. Escrow was closed within the 7 days which was very quick. He even gave us enough time to move out; that wasn't stressful on us. We recommend you guys for anybody who doesn't have time to play the real estate game.
Thanks Again.

Norm Castner   

"To Whom It May Concern,
           I would like to take this opportunity to thank TDK for the courtesy and professionalism they displayed upon the sale / purchase of our property in Rubidoux. Everything was handled fast and efficient, and the money was there as they promised. Everything was completed in less than one day.
We sincerely Thank You TDK, for your help."
Rubidoux, CA

John & Denise

"We had an old, small, run down house we wanted to get rid of. We called KC and concluded a deal in a few days, and we got a fair price. Everything went as he said it would and there were no surprises. If you're looking to sell a property quickly and get your equity out, I would recommend TDK, Inc. without hesitation"
Banning, CA

Susana Cruz

"Working with TDK has been a great experience for my family and I. We met KC Martinez and Glenn Martinez back in April of 2004. We were in the process of moving out of a home that we were renting at the time. While we were looking we ran into KC and he gave us some information about his business. We looked into a home that he was selling and in no time the house became ours. He made us feel very comfortable therefore we put our dream of buying a home and our trust in him. We came across a few income problems and he willingly got us out of them. He helped us out with an incredible amount of money to be able to close our escrow. He also did some repairs on the home and put all of his time and effort, and in about a month or so we became homeowners.
KC has proven himself to be more than capable of handling any challenge set before him. He is creative, personable, professional and hardworking. His flexibility allows him to conform and adjust to any and all situations. My family and I are very grateful to them. We wish them the best in luck and may the people who do business with him have the same great experience as we have.
Thank you TDK, Inc."
San Bernardino, CA

Shelby Wade

"I was in a very tough situation in my life and called KC Martinez, owner of TDK and requested his help in selling my house. I needed to sell it quickly and KC responded immediately. In our situation, we were fortunate enough to have someone as warm hearted as KC to understand our situation and get instant money in our pocket. KC and his children even helped me pack up and clean up the house so we could get into our new location on time. Overall, KC was very professional, patient, helpful, efficient, and if I were ever to need to sell a home again, I would definitely go to him to do it"
San Bernardino, CA

Patricia McDonald

 "I recently sold my house to TDK. I was very satisfied with the arrangements that we both agreed upon. TDK gave me additional time to vacate and was very helpful in all aspects of the sale. KC was always generous with expertise and experience to answer all of my questions"
Quail Valley, CA

Patricia Selden

"This is a letter of recommendation on how TDK, Inc. helped my family in a time of crisis. During my husband's illness we didn't want to fall behind on our mortgage payments. I contacted TDK to help us keep from being foreclosed on. In the matter of days, TDK bought our house, gave us money in our pocket, the deposit on our new home, and moved our family into our new home"
Colton, CA

Oliver Wilbourn

 "This is a letter to thank TDK, Inc. for their ability to buy my two homes in San Bernardino in a matter of days from the time that we first spoke. We did not use any Escrow, and all the paper work was handled in my home in less than a half of an hour. TDK did everything that they said that they were going to do, and it happened faster then I could have imagined. TDK is a very professional and reliable source for anyone wanting to sell their home quickly."
San Bernardino, CA

Patricia Heredia

"There are times in life when giving something up is very difficult. TDK assisted us with our home transition, by providing us with ample time for relocation. Their quick response and attention to our situation was greatly appreciated. TDK offered and presented a detailed plan of action that was very clear, professional and courteous. "
Thank you again for your partnership.
Riverside, CA

Claudia Coyne

"When I first called KC with TDK, Inc., I did not know what to expect. I was somewhat skeptical about selling my home by just calling someone out of a throw away paper. But to my surprise KC was polite, courteous and all business.
He asked me if he could come over and take a look at the house, so we set a date for him to come and take a look. He said he was interested in purchasing the home and how much did I owe and how much did I want. He was very fair.
We came to an agreement. I was happy, he was happy and papers were signed shortly thereafter. It was so quick and simple. KC did everything he said he would do and expected the same from me.
I was very pleased at the way he handled everything and nothing seemed to bother him. I would recommend KC to my friends and family members who were interested in selling their homes."
Yours truly,
Riverside, CA.

Demarie Davidson

"Working with KC was wonderful. He made the transition very easy and stress free. We needed to sell our house right away and he made it happen. It was a pleasure working with him, as he took care of all the needed paperwork and only had to meet with us twice. I would recommend KC to anyone who wants to sell their home with ease. "
Murrieta, Ca.

Carmen Caudle

"I sold my house located in San Bernardino to KC Martinez. My first contact with Mr. Martinez was in response to a letter he sent to me stating he was interested in purchasing my property.
I live out of state and I was concern that I would have a difficult time making the sale. KC assured me that we could accomplish every thing by mail, fax, and phone communication. We were able to agree on what had to be done in order to complete the transaction. To my satisfaction the transfer of ownership was done quickly within 2 weeks. Mr. KC Martinez was polite, patient and professional."
Morris, Oklahoma

Patrick McCarthy

"Just a note to let you know that I appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of the real estate transaction we just completed regarding the property in San Bernardino, Ca. In every way "you held up to your end of the bargain." Your escrow deposit was made immediately and completely and your paperwork was submitted and signed accurately and in a most timely fashion. The escrow process and the escrow company (Palos Verde Escrow) you chose was very responsive. I would not hesitate to enter into another transaction if the occasion was to present itself. Thanks for your help in this transaction."
San Bernardino, CA.

Karen Toole

Anyone looking for new hope....I had an 84 year old home that was in serious need of repair and no money. I was barely able to keep up with my steadily rising payment's and the city's compliance was trying to get me for permit issues that occurred long before I bought the house. KC's ad caught my eye while flipping through the paper and suddenly shed light on things. I had not really considered selling until then, but I called him up and he was my saving grace. After calling several other companies who offered similar services, only KC was able to get me CASH that day. Calling KC has changed my life and given me a fresh start. I am grateful for his promptness and his courtesy in what felt like the end of the world and is now only a new beginning.
San Bernardino, CA.

Lon Dorsey

"I had seen the ad in the local penny saver for years and when I needed to sell my home quickly I called KC. I have been extremely impressed and very satisfied with the level of professionalism and service I received through the entire process. I received my money within 2 weeks and also got fair market value. I would highly recommend calling KC for your Real Estate needs."
Murrieta, CA.

Merlin & Marlen L.

"What a blessing it was when you came into our lives.
We were at a point in our lives where we couldn't fix up our rentals and knew that we would have to sell them. We knew that we would also have a hard time selling them as is and you came along and took care of all of our problems."
Thank you for everything.
Merlin and Marlene Luce
Yucaipa, CA.

Raylene Torres

  “I would highly recommend TDK as a potential buyer for your property. I am very pleased with the results of our transaction”
Hemet, CA

Teddi Martin

 "I want to thank TDK for getting me out of my impossible situation. They gave me plenty of time to relocate and cash to help me out"
Yucaipa, CA

Richard Sales

  "I highly recommend KC to any person in need of selling their home quickly. KC was very professional and patient with me and offered great support to my needs as well as answered my questions that I had and provided me with great comfort. KC was not pushy as he stayed in touch through an approximately eight week time period as I needed to get some of my personal affairs in order prior to the sale. The home that I sold KC was the home in which I was raised until I was drafted into the Vietnam War. My mom continued to live in the home until she recently passed away. Due to the home being in Northern California and me now living in San Bernardino California, I wanted to sell the home quickly. After reading through the local periodicals I noticed KC's ad and give him a call. He made the process so easy and paid me cash as he clearly stated in his ad. My home was a small 2 bedroom and 1 bath and in decent condition, as my mother lived in the home alone for many years. KC offered me a fair price and we came to terms."
Yuba City, CA.

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